Fluxx Liquid Fertilizer Application Kit

Fluxx Liquid Fertilizer Application Kit

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The Fluxx by Machinery Guide

This is a superb unique Fertilizer system designed for simplicity.  Controlled via an android tablet, it links to the system via reliable and stable wifi, therefore no reason to run cables and harnesses into the cab!

There is a fully waterproof ECU which bolts to your fert tank, there is a prewired cable which connects to the pump and the flowmeter.  All you need to do is connect the system to a 12v supply from the tractor.  Then turn on the preinstalled App on the tablet and your are away!  A finger/proximity switch can be connected to the system too for turning the system on or off when the implement is raised/lowered.

The Fluxx is a great solution for simple Fertilizer application when planting.

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Weight N/A
Fluxx Kit Only with 8" Tablet


Supplied with 600lt front/top tank

Yes, No

Supplied with 1000lt front tank

Yes, No

May 26, 2024 11:05 pm