5 Way threaded electric ball valve – 85325…


5 Way threaded electric ball valve – 85325…

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Patented integrated fixing system

  • Directly on the body; no inserts
  • No problems in case of hole alignment mistakes
  • Fixing through hexagonal head screws M8 (or 5/16 UN)

Ball valves can be connected to CAMLOCK couplers, type B, C, D and H described in chapter


The colour given in the tables of the models that can be mounted with CAMLOCK couplers refers to the measurement of the coupler itself. The gearmotor of the 853 valves can be easily separated from the valve body and oriented in any position by loosening the collar and rotating the motor in positions of 90*

3 wire operation

  • 12 Vdc power supply, always connected
  • With opening/closing command supplied with 12 Vdc, the valve turns clockwise.
  • Disconnecting the command power supply, the valve turns counter-clockwise.

2 wire operation

  • Rotation obtained by inverting the power supply polarity with a double switch.

In both cases, the motor absorbs current only during the valve movement.

The electric ball valves series 853 are available, on request, also with 24Vdc power supply.


Electric ball valves

  • 12 Vdc electric activation
  • STAINLESS steel rotation pin
  • TEFLON ball seats
  • Internal O-rings in VITON
  • Internal ball in polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, in stainless steel or PE-UHMW
  • Stainless steel flange tie-rods, protected by the valve body
  • Gear motor easy orientation
  • Simple maintenance: the motor can be easily separated from the valve
  • Available in the version with 3-wire electric control and A-net connection
  • ‘Plug & Play’ addressing of the valves of the A-net version
  • Available with fork couplings, male and female threads, CamLock adapter or clamp couplingCALL US for specialist pricing on this unit 01361 883418

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