Delta 80T ISOBUS VT monitor, tractor cables and GPS Receiver Kit


Delta 80T ISOBUS VT monitor, tractor cables and GPS Receiver Kit

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Welcome to the new DELTA80 Touch ISOBUS virtual terminal. This screen can be used in a self-propelled sprayer or can make your NON-ISOBUS tractor, an up to date modern ISOBUS tractor. It gives you the virtual terminal that you can connect any ISOBUS implement to. The ISOBUS plug that is mounted at the back of the tractor is wired and ready to mount. Connect your ISOBUS spreader, sprayer, drill or whatever ISOBUS equipment you are using.

We supply a range of GPS receivers to connect to it from simple EGNOS versions, through to Glonass, TERRASTAR and RTK. This system is supplied with a double frequency receiver as standard. This receiver can be unlocked to allow Terrastar which is a subcription signal providing great accuracy and no satellite drift.

This system comes with all the unlock codes and everything active.

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Onsite Installation Available


Kit Contents Included in the Price

  • Delta 80T Monitor (4675102)
  • Monitor Tri RAM Mount (467040.660)
  • Cable from Monitor to Rear of Tractor with ISOBUS 11783-2 connector (Standard ISOBUS) (4679002.251)
  • Delta 80T FCI cable (4679002.208)
  • GPS Receiver SMART 7 Dual Frequency (Terrastar PRO) (46701621)
  • GPS Receiver Cable (4675000.120)
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August 10, 2020 4:37 pm