ATP Twin Air Induction

ATP Twin Air Induction

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Provides good spraying range, improving penetration and application of the products thanks to two nozzles at 30° 30°.
Compact design to reduce the risk of damage.
Large double air intake with anti-clogging profile.
Large drops filled with air to ensure improved spraying of the leaf surface.
Can be fully disassembled for easy maintenance.
Can be used with Flat Fan nozzle caps.
Made of molded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an excellent useful life.

Continuity of spray quality. So many nozzles spray quality alters at different pressures. Most modern sprayers are fitted with rate controllers so the pressure varies constantly. When it varies, if the spray quality alters, so does the uniformity of application. The ATP makes that a minimum effect giving accurate precise application!


The ATP nozzle and Golf?

The CSTA is unique in golf course spraying. Particularly spraying undulating fairways. The nozzles are designed to minimize under dosing as the boom follows difficult contours.  As the boom passes over a ridged undulation, the twin nozzle ensures the plant is treated from 2 angles therefore minimizing potential under treatment.


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